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2000 | company foundation
2001 | Zinc + Mg hotchamber furnaces
2003 | Zinc Recycling System
2004 | Mg Dosing Furnace
2007 | Zn Distribution System
2008 | build of the new plant
2009 | Mg Dosing Furnace – Compact
2010 | Al Melting- and Holding Furnace
2011 | Al Dosing Furnace
2015 | Mg Vacuum Dosing Furnace
2016 | Al Vacuum Dosing Furnace up to 25kg

Our customer relations

"The customer‘s requirements can only be met by a company able to react immediately." The customer‘s demands are central to our operation. To be able to meet specific demands rapidly and efficiently requires competent service, a global distribution network with local customer contacts, as well as rapid and simple solutions.

Our motto

"The greatest enemy of the good is the better. Only those who are not satisfied with their achievements will attain better results." We follow this principle during our development of significant practical solutions for foundry operations, where highest safety standards and economic viability are essential.

Our objective

"Quick thinking and immediate reaction to developing trends." This assures the realisation of future-oriented, high quality products in the shortest possible periods of development.

Our products

Meltec develops, produces and distributes economically, environmentally and user-friendly all-in-one solutions for foundry and melting operations. Our products range from melting and dosing furnaces for high-pressure die casting, through protective gas mixing and dosing units, to automated ingot preheating and charging systems. Our range also includes central melting and recycling furnaces as well as liquid metal transport systems.