Meltec Aluminium Folder

1.3 M

ATH ⎢ Aluminium Tank Holding Furnace

Tank furnaces without crucibles are designed for keeping warm die casting Aluminium alloys. Refractory lining and high quality insulation behind are the reasons for low power consumption what results in low operation costs. Further advantages are easy cleaning of melting bath and durability of tank. Robust and long-lasting heating elements, which are integrated in the cover, heat the furnace. Changing of heating is easy done without any interruption of production. Activation of heating elements happens by solid state relays, which keep the melting bath on temperature free of overheating. Easy moveable cover provides good access to melting bath and therefore simple maintenance is possible.

Tank furnaces will be issued with more chambers in case of highest demands in melt. So with, furnace can be feeded by a filter stone with melting material, which sicks out in settling chamber und then will be taken out in high quality of dosing chamber. In addition to, porous plugs can be mounted in the settling area to treat melting bath. These porous materials will be streamed with backflushing gas and a consistent gas distribution is ensured. During this process molten bath will be degassed and density index will be improved again.