AVD | Aluminium Vacuum Dosing Unit

The Aluminium vacuum dosing unit fits  to each melting and holding furnace. It allows a save filling of container by sucking in melt and a precise filling of the Aluminium melt into the shot sleeve of the cold chamber die casting machine.
The dosing system consists mainly of a vacuum ceramic container, an evacuation device to draw in melt as well as a special closing mechanism at the suction point. The vacuum container is made of ceramic with the benefit of: non-wettable, thermal shock resistant and strong. The mechanical movement occurs via a servo-controlled lifting or pivoting device.

The system shows achieves the following advantages:

  • Drawing in of melt below bath level – no oxide
  • Filling of container by sucking in melt – degassing
  • Transfer of melt without air admission – no oxide
  • Transfer of melt into a closed ceramic container – low drop of temperature
  • High dosing precision through integrated, precise quantity measurement