AVDF | Aluminium Vacuum Dosing Furnace

Tank furnaces are designed to keep die-casting Aluminium alloys warm. A refractory lining and high quality insulation are the reasons for low power consumption which results in low operational costs. Further advantages are: easy cleaning of the melting bath and durability of the tank. The highly efficient and long-lasting heating elements, which are integrated in the cover, heat the furnace. The activation of heating elements occurs via solid state relays, which keep the temperature of the melting bath free from overheating. The easy-to-move cover provides good access to the melting bath and therefore simple maintenance is possible This kind of furnace can also be equipped with more chambers in case of higher demands in melt.

The dosing system consists mainly of a vacuum ceramic container, an evacuation device to draw in melt as well as a special closing mechanism at the suction point. The vacuum container is made of ceramic with the benefit of: non-wettable, thermal shock resistant and strong. The mechanical movement occurs via a servo-controlled lifting or pivoting device.

The system shows following advantages:

  • Drawing in of melt below bath level – no oxide
  • Filling of container by sucking in melt – degassing
  • Transfer of melt without air admission – no oxide
  • Transfer of melt into a closed ceramic container – low drop of temperature
  • High dosing precision through integrated, precise quantity measurement